Monday, January 22, 2007

This is life.

Howdy, it's been a while.
So, I woke up this morning feeling nice and warm and comfy, and suddenly realized that I HAVE CLASSES STARTING TODAY! Woah. Hang on, I thought I had more time! I feel like I didn't get anything done during winter "break" just some grocery shopping and some organizing. That's it. I am not ready to go back to classes. But i guess i have no choice in the matter. I shouldn't complain -- the quicker I can be done with college and then grad school, the better.

I had a strange dream last night. My landlord was complaining that I was too loud and noisy in my apartment, but instead of telling me to be quiet (I was watching the UFC, and I tend to get a little excited) he sent this big dude over who broke into my place and beat me up! So the next morning I marched over to my landlord and told him, hey, you're crazy, I'm packing my stuff and moving out. Today. So i go back to my place, but that dude was waiting there for me! But this time, I beat him up! It was great. But strange, definitely strange.

So my cat has started this new habit of head-butting me. I mean, it's cute and cuddly and she's just looking for attention, but it's very weird. She does it most often in the morning, when she decides that it's time for me to wake-up. She walks up to me, sleeping in bed, starts purring, and then slams her head into my face. Then she rubs her head on me. It's really quite cute and endearing, but totally odd. I don't know what suddenly inspired her to start this, but whatever.

If my cat could talk and understand English, would she prefer Dostoyevsky, Emily Bronte, or Tom Clancy? Bach, Stravinsky, or Metallica? Seinfeld, Family Guy, or House? The warm radiator in my living room, the window in my bedroom, or the fluffy comforter on my bed?


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