Monday, November 27, 2006

Crazy Tea

So, the other night (or very very early morning, I'm not sure) my cat decided to try to jump across my face as I was sleeping peacefully. Well, she landed on my face. Now i have a little scratch on my nose. Thank you very much, cat.

A while ago, I was cleaning out the cabinets of my apartment when I stumbled upon a box of tea that had been sitting there for ... God only knows how long. I mean, I've been in this apartment for two years, and cannot remember getting this tea. Anyway, it's a box of apple-cinnamon spice tea. And after being stored for so long, it's almost fermented or something. What?! Crazy tea?!? JACKPOT!!! It's PUNGENT! That spice really kicks, now! I opened the box just to see if there was any tea left, and it was like getting kicked in the face! I staggered backwards and bumped into my fridge. That's some powerful tea. So i decide to make myself a cup of this super-human-tea.
I grab my nice little teapot, and pull out a mug from my cabinet. I filled the mug with tap water and went to pour it into the teapot (If i don't measure it out, I always underestimate, and then get all disappointed and frustrated.) So, I'm pouring, right? Apparently, this mug doesn't like to pour, because the water runs down the side of the mug, gets all over the counter and the outside of the teapot, I jerked my hand away - which only made it worse. Now i have water all over my counter, and because my apartment is very old and has "character" my counter tops are not exactly what you'd call "level" and so the water is spilling onto my kitchen floor.
Well, this is easy enough, right? Get some paper towel, soak it up, it's only a mug-full of water. But you know, once something is spilled or dropped, it like goes rogue and multiplies and suddenly there's waaaaay more than you started with? Yeah, about that. So i run for the paper towels, right, but here's the problem: I don't have any. At some point, I can picture myself using the last piece of papertowel, (probably in a very similar situation) and thinking to myself, "Dude, I need more papertowel." And that's probably the last time I thought about it, until now, in my tea-water emergency situation.
So, you ask, what did I do?
I let it sit there. For two days, I ignored the puddle in my kitchen, and walked around it. Now, it's either evaporated, or soaked into the floor, or maybe the cat licked it all up.
We will never know.


Blogger Lorriana said...

I love you fuzzy.. i dont have time to read all your blog now... but ill keep checking it... I miss you. you inspired me on teh dayle dont foget that I look up to you.

8:12 PM  
Blogger Pixie Ears said...

This is the funniest post! I would never... in a hundred million years... have the willpower to leave a puddle in the middle of my kitchen for two days. I think I need to begin taking "how to be laid back" lessons from you.

2:28 PM  
Blogger meg said...

Oh, Pixie dear, it's got nothing to do with being "laid back." In fact, it was a very tense experience. See, I knew that if I acknowledged the puddle for what it was (a symbol of the frustration of my life) then I would freak out and get waaaaaay too worked up about it. So, sometimes, you just have to choose to ignore. See, in my world, there's was no puddle on my floor. i was in denial, and I'm good at that! :)

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are hysterical! And I love that you write how you talk! :-) It's like having you right in the room with me even when you're not! Keep it up ;-) ~ Em

10:00 AM  

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