Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Deer in TARGET!

Oh man, has anyone else seen this?
My sister is a designer for Target, and the offices tend to circulate a bunch of weird emails, which she often forwards to me. Well, I got this one the other day. Simply Awesome! You MUST click on the link below! Now!
Apparently, an 8-point deer ran through the automatic doors of a Super Target in DesMoines! He was running around in there for about 20 minutes! Holy awesome crap!

What? Funny animals in silly places they don't belong?! Jackpot!!!

Can you imagine a deer prancing (or slipping?) around the clothing racks of your nearest Target? Oh, that brings such joy to my heart. The best thing is that the article has pictures of this whole escapade from the security cameras. I love it. Stuff like that makes me so happy that I'm almost tired. Like, I could go for a good nap right now. Awesome.


Blogger PJ said...

Megs you ROCK!

7:48 AM  

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