Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Another reason to hate "pink" (the color)

Everyone who knows me knows that I love red. Bright fire-engine red, thick blood-red, deep and mezmerizing wine-red, that stuff is awesome. It's interesting that I so strongly hate the color pink, it being so close to red. There is a very fine but definite line of love/hatred between the two colors. One moment, I'm still loving it because it's red, but then you get just a teensy bit too light and bam it's pink and I have turned away in disgust. Pink sickens me. I have no use for pink.

Well, I have now found yet another reason to loathe "pink." As is painfully obvious from my blog, my life is ridiculous and absurd and I simply cannot catch a break. So, in keeping with the roll I've been on the past few weeks (pulled over for registration, sick with fever during finals, car broken down, now sick with cold for Holidays,)
. . . I got pink eye on Christmas Eve. Yes, Christmas Eve, when every doctor and pharmacy in the world is closed for two days. So, I suffered through two full days of untreated pink eye, including a sleepless eight-hour overnight shift at work last night. I called my doctor's office about two hundred times this morning until they finally picked up and called in a prescription for some eye drops. These are the BEST EYE DROPS EVER!!! MY NEW HERO: EYE DROPS!!!

Anyway, since I was all goopy and contagious yesterday when celebrating xmas with the family, I couldn't play with all my cute (but screaming) little cousins, so instead, I got to play with my aunt and uncle's awesome Weimeraner, Arnold. Oh my sweet holy adorable crap, this is the cutest dog EVER! He's so sweet and gentle, and he's incredibly cuddly for a giant full-grown dog. He would just sit in front of me, lean into me, I pet his ears or his head or scratch him under his collar, and he just melts, it's so cute!


Blogger Roo said...

i don't like pink either! but the funny thing is...i have a bright pink hoodie that i absolutely love. why? well, it's comfortable and fits me nicely. the color, while yes it's girly, i somehow forget when i'm wearing it. HA! i still much prefer the color black though, which isn't even a color at all! imagine that.

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