Saturday, December 01, 2007

Reflection [Another Kinda Sappy Post, Sorry, I'll Have a Good One Soon]

So, i was bored, and started perusing some of my old blog posts. Found one from December 30th of last year. I know it's technically not yet a year, but I think this is an good time to look at that particular post, and reflect.

In this post, I laid out some "goals" for 2007. I wanted to focus on my health, keeping my weight down and my eating under control. I definitely was doing well with that, until this summer and fall which i kinda "took off" from actively doing weight watchers. But i kept some really good food habits, and only gained about 5 lbs, which I am currently working on losing again. I am also trying to get back into the jiu jitsu routine, which will be much easier after this semester is over.

I also wanted to "re-evaluate how i spend my time." This might very well be one of the biggest changes in my life this past year - getting a new job. My schedule was free FREE FREE for once. I actually started having a social life, since I wasn't driving two and from freakin new haven five nights a week. I think I am struggling with balancing friends and time now, but in the opposite direction - i am spending more time with humans, which was my third goal. I made a lot of new connections this year. Some relationships have changed, and there is still a long list of people very dear to me with whom i simply haven't been in touch with as often as I should. But i really did make a good effort at being with humans.

All in all, I would consider this year to be a pretty good year. In particular, the past few years of my life have, on the whole, been going pretty well. That's a pretty big deal, for any of you who have witnessed or heard of some earlier years. A little while ago, Adrian made a very intriguing (and totally true) comment; he said something along the lines of "You know, meg, for a girl who was so screwed up and crazy a few years ago, you're pretty normal. In fact, it's amazing how normal you are." That's so dead on.

My mom's sister, Joyce, is back in connecticut. This is my really ill Aunt Joyce, with the cancer all over. She came home, with her husband and two little kids (and two awesome dogs) and they are here for an indetermined amount of time. It's good to have her home, I haven't seen her or my cousins in . . . years. But it's also, though i really hate to say it, a little stressful. Last night, joyce was rushed to the er, and my mom was on her way to the hospital and called me, for prayer back-up. It's sad to think that she isn't on any treatment for the cancer, and her prognosis . . . Well, at least she is home, here, where we can be with her. I hope i can kind of revive our relationship. I know it sounds so stupidly cliche, but it's true. My aunt is a wonderful, interesting woman; i can learn a lot from her. I really hope we can reconnect.


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