Saturday, September 15, 2007

The "What's She Gonna Order?" Game

I have been spending a considerable amount of time (and money) at this coffee/bagel/sandwich place about a block from my apartment. The atmosphere is relaxed, the coffee does its job, and the food is quite tasty. But the best part . . . the employees like to have fun :)

I like to keep things interesting, you know? And I think food orders are boring.
"Wheat bagel toasted and a small coffee." Boring. So, I have been mixing it up lately. The friendly staff at this place like to play what i call the "What's She Gonna Order?" Game. It's quite simple, actually. I look at the menu, pick out my top 2-3 choices, and start asking the employee questions.

"A, B, or C?" I ask.
"OK, monkey or iguana?"
"OK, blue, red, or orange?"
"OK, if you could go to Italy or Scotland, which would you pick?"
"Ok. A, iguana, orange, and Scotland. That means I'm getting a blueberry bagel with lite cream cheese, and a medium hazelnut coffee."

This is actually quite fun. Each option is (obviously) pre-assigned a choice. A, B, and C were bagel options, the animals were with/without cream cheese, the colors were related to coffee flavors, and the countries were what size coffee I would get. I find that this makes the whole ordering process much more fun and exciting. Also, the employees love it when I come in -- suddenly everyone is standing behind the register, waiting for me to start asking.

I enjoy bringing random fun into unexpected moments. I'm gonna have to start doing fun stuff like this all the time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you! You make me laugh. :-)

1:08 AM  

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