Wednesday, January 30, 2008

it's official . . .

. . . i'm coming to an intersection in my life, and i have some pretty intense decisions to make about my future.
Here are the facts:
1. I will “walk” at graduation in may, but missing 2 credits in psychology and 2 credits in phys ed. I can, theoretically, finish those in the first 5-6 weeks after graduation, and be done.
2. I would like to go to grad school in the fall, either in an MSW program, or some philosophy program.
3. I want to be a Philosophical Practitioner (kinda like a therapist who doesn't ask endless questions about your childhood, but rather helps you figure out your own philosophical ideas and how they influence your life. Read this article. Keep in mind it was written 10 years ago, so the practice has grown both in the states and in europe.)
4. If i go philosophy, i will most likely need to somehow have another year or maybe two of exposure to undergrad-level philosophical study, either by continuing at Central, or auditing classes elsewhere, or matriculating as an undergrad elsewhere.
5. However, i am academically prepared for an MSW program, and would probably have a decent chance of getting into a good program and completing it in 2-3 years.
6. But getting an MSW means that i cannot go on to be a certified philosophical practitioner, unless i decide to then go on for another 4-6 years of PhD work.
7. But, it might also be possible to get an MSW, do some private practice work, and slowly develop my own philosophical practice, my own philosophies about practice. If it goes well, i could even join, or found, some kind of organization, or develop a licensing curriculum so it could become official and stuff.
8. But this direction would involve more ambition and self-motivation.

...phew. I'm actually seriously considering making an appointment with Lou Marinoff, the philosophical practitioner in new york, and seeing what his response to my situation is.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

(tentative) artistic endeavors...

So, the winter has proven to be the start of some kind of artistic revolution for me. Lots of different, hands-on projects, which is new to me. In general, I have ZERO artistic talent or skill. Can't draw, paint, etc. But, i have slowly been letting myself try an easy grade of "artsy craftsy" stuff.

It started with the revival of my paper-snowflake making. I actually get to do this at work a lot, with the kids locked up in the psych hospital during holidays and the lonely winter. We make paper snowflakes and hang them on the windows around the place.

Next came the granola. I don't have any pictures of this project... in action, but it was quite a scene. I made batch after batch of granola, for 5-8 hours straight, just in my kitchen, baking and baking :) I got empty canning jars and loaded 'em up, and passed them on to people who ...needed some homemade granola?

...And now, the magnets! As some of you may have heard, i am now making the coolest refrigerator magnets EVER. I actually stole this idea directly from my brilliant genius art-smart darling friend, Heather It's kinda easy, i guess: i cut out cool card stock design stuff i have, glue it onto a little glass thing, and glue a magnet on the back.

But it's weird to be looking at a whole, cehsive picture on a piece of paper in front of you, and then hold this tiny little glass circle up to it, and then try to decide which designs look the best under this little mini-magnifying glass. I probably spend more time deciding the exact, precise circle of paper to cut around, than I do cutting and gluing it to the glass, and then measuring, cutting, and gluing the magnet stuff onto it. . . It's quite a process. And i think that all of this physical productivity is a sign of bigger and better things to come. More intricate, important "projects", more creative output, more stuff.

But anyway, i've made quite a few magnets, and i'll probably start trying to pawn them off on people, so watch out... :)